Welcome to Satya Yoga in Nørrebro

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Ardha Chandrasana – Half moon pose


We offer yoga classes in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Welcome to our beautiful yoga studio in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Satya Yoga Nørrebro is an open and welcoming space for students in yoga  – regardless of your starting point. Whether you are ‘new to yoga’, are recovering from an injury, or are an athlete looking to understand your body better.
At Satya Yoga Nørrebro – you can find a well-adapted class to your age, body and/or level(s).

The founders and teachers are Lone and Thomas – partners in life and in yoga. We share the yogic knowledge, that yoga can be a way for self-discovery and a fabulous tool for the body and mind. We believe that quality yoga teaching only results from years in teacher training and a persistent time spent on the mat.

Iyengar Yoga in Copenhagen

Satya Yoga is the name of our studio. However, the method and tradition we follow is called Iyengar Yoga – which was developed by the late BKS Iyengar

Each of us has completed a three years Iyengar yoga teacher training and followed another three years of therapeutic yoga training. In addition, each of us has 19+ years of teaching experience.

To ensure an optimal learning environment, we keep our classes small. We like to reach out to our students with individualised instruction and postural adjustments: this lets you experience ‘how the pose feels’ when practised correctly.
Our goal is to work with you, to help you improve your health and understand yourself better.

If you are curious to learn more about Iyengar yoga, teachers, and related themes, we have interesting articles on our blog.

Practical aspects

First time in our studio; we strongly suggest our welcome offer ‘8 classes in 10 weeks’. This is a great way to discover our teaching and the benefits of Iyengar Yoga.
Coming regularly once a week is a good step for a beginner.
For good results and a more insightful experience, we recommend you to come twice a week.

Come as you are in comfortable clothes; we do the rest and provide everything else. Our yoga studio is fully equipped with all the needed mats and props.

All yoga classes taught by Lone are in Danish and all led by Thomas are in English.

Satya Yoga Nørrebro offers a schedule ‘in real life’, and ‘live streaming’ on Zoom. You can buy and book classes and workshops through our website – ‘to see our prices’.

We are located 26 Hørsholmsgade, in the Nørrebro neighbourhood. Behind colourful Jægersborggade and close to Assitens Kirkegard – to see the map’.

You can contact us;  by Email, Phone or Text  ‘to see the details’ – we usually answer within 24 hours.

To come for a trial class; check the schedule, and text us with your name and the class you would like to join – Tel: 50272839. The trial class is 145.- kr, all props and mats are provided.

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