Atmanjali mudra


“ The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for your soul to reside in.
                  – BKS Iyengar

Etiquette for practice in yoga

  • Be on time – or even 10 – 15 minutes early. In case you’re late – come into class as quietly as possible and try not to disturb others.
  • Mobile phones should be kept in silent mode. Ringing/ vibrating phones disturb others.
  • We recommend you do not eat for an hour or two before class (if you are running low on energy, a single piece of fruit 30 minutes before class is fine).
  • Sign up early online and help us to better tailor classes to your needs!  (you can cancel at no-cost up to 8 hours before the class starts).
  • Iyengar yoga is practised barefoot. Best is; t-shirt with shorts or leggings. 
  • Satya yoga provides you with mats and all props needed. 
  • Cleanliness is part of the etiquette. Bodily odours and perfumes may put your fellow students off!
  • Inform your teacher of any physical limitations or health concerns, before the class starts.
  • This is not your run-of-the-mill yoga class! Be ready to learn; about postural alignment – how to use props –  body intelligence – as well as specific actions in your body. 
  • Coming regularly once a week is a good step for a beginner. However, for good results and a more insightful experience, we recommend you to come twice a week.


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