Home practice

home practice, yoga self-practice
Learning the art of sequencing


“It is your practice that brings the secrets to you. No teacher can give you the secrets.”                   – Geeta Iyengar

Concerning home practice

Iyengar Yoga can be practised almost anywhere, not just in the Yoga studio. Starting a home practice is a rewarding venture.

Building up the self-discipline to start and maintain a personal yoga practice can be challenging.
However, over time, you begin to create a special space for yourself each day – a space that supports you in your daily life.

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How to start

To make it a little easier to get started, we have collected a few resources for you:

  • How to start a home practice: click here
  • Advice to students who already practice at home and wish to deepen their practice:
    click here

(These two articles are by Eyal Shifroni, a very knowledgeable Iyengar teacher who practices and teaches in Israel.)

Sequences to download

Here are few sequences to download (for free) they have been compiled by www.ballaratyoga.com.au
(Ballarat Yoga is an Iyengar Yoga centre in Australia.)