Covid-19 precautions

There are legal requirements and certain practicalities which facilitate the situation and our teaching – we appreciate your support.

Covid 19 Precaution

  • If you feel unwell, have a fever, sore throat, etc. do not come to class – stay home.
  • Use a mask, when coming in and out of the yoga studio.
  • We are not going to correct and help you physically as much as we’re used to, but we will try to do better at verbally guiding you.
  • The distance between participants should be 2 meters from nose to nose, this means that you will be assigned a spot in the room when you arrive.
  • We are limited to 9 students per class, – always sign-up and cancel well in advance (minimum of 8hours) – there might be people on the waiting list.

The use of props

  • Bring a towel. 
  • As much as possible bring your own props, if needed purchase a mat, two blocks, a belt and one or two blankets – you’re welcome to store them at the studio.
  • If you are new to our studio or/and you can’t afford it, we will be happy to provide you with everything needed.
  • Please disinfect the chair at the end of the class and follow the instruction on how to quarantine the props


  • If you have a monthly unlimited pass and/or you are a frequent practitioner you can leave your equipment here as long as it’s placed in a bag
  • Wash your hands/ use hand sanitizer when you arrive and after the class. 
  • Remember as always that participation is at your own risk. But we must all make the atmosphere as safe as possible. If you are someone at higher risk, please consider if our live stream classes are a better option for you.
  • Please, respect the 8 hours cancellation policy – there might be people on the waiting list.

By coming to class your support us, we very much appreciate it.
By practising yoga you optimise your health and support your immune system – your health is your real wealth.

We are looking forward to seeing you in class.
Lone and Thomas