Yogic diet


As far as diet is concerned, yoga considers the tools that nature offers. The goal is to support the body’s natural healing process in a non-invasive way – rather than induce any specific effects.

Some cornerstones in this approach:

  • The food must be Vegetarian; it can be cooked or raw.
  • The food must be in its original form as much as possible (meaning unprocessed, organics etc.).
  • Eating specific food containing prana (vital force) revitalizes the body.
  • Giving rest to the digestif system eliminates waste, toxins, cellular debris and regenerates the body.
  • Restraint and discipline are part of the concept – it keeps the ‘monkey mind’ in check and helps to connect with the body.
  • Respecting the body’s rhythm – we are all unique; one size doesn’t fit all.


The course is held over 4 weeks, meeting on 3 Sunday afternoons and 21 days of diet.
In addition, you get a specific digestif yoga sequence of 30 mn (to practice three times a week).

Before the beginning of the diet:

  • First Sunday; distribution of information, recipes, tips, and tricks and an informal talk about this approach. It will be followed by a discussion on choosing and achieving our goals.
  • One week to reflect on the type of diet you are willing to take on. 
  • Second Sunday; clarification and settling the last indecision or doubts before embarking on a 21 days journey – the diet starts Monday (the day after). 

The last day of your journey:

  • Third Sunday;  discussing what has been achieved, the challenges we have faced and how we capitalize from there. 

The results you can expect: a clear sense of betterness both physically and psychologically, weight loss. Learning and experiencing firsthand a comprehensive method to improve health and overcome unhealthy habits. Discovering that health and happiness can come with restrictions and discipline.

It can be compared to a spiritual retreat, a moment of self-care – three weeks to reconnect beyond your usual day-to-day self.
A moment in time to reconsider your orientation in life, your schedule, and the kind of food you eat in a new light.
While there is some discomfort, there is also a sense of well-being, clarity and more energy for your obligation – a true blessing.


About myself
Since an early age, I have been drawn to and interested in natural ways of maintaining and recovering health. This led me to approach and experiment with different methods over the years.

I have followed the yogic approach with great joy and success at a rhythm of twice a year since 2015.

Come and join me you won’t regret it!

3 Sundays afternoon – 14th of April, 21th and 12th of May
From 16:00 – 18:00
(This course is available In-person and Online via ZOOM, – adjust to Central European Time or recordings)

21 days on a diet
Teaching is in English
Price 880.- Krona