Self-practice course

 self practice course
Tadasana – Our first pose

Self-practice course

The self-practice course is a step towards the ‘next level’ for a yoga practitioner. From removing ‘all-the-little’ usual body pain to creating a positive mindset in our day-to-day life. Establishing a personal practice will act as a base and enhance both the physical and the mental plane.

Self-practice is also a cornerstone for interiorisation, from the interaction between the mind, the body and the breath, the practice is a tool to know yourself better.

At each meeting, with a logical approach, we will explore new ways of practising, spending time to understand the ‘how and the why’ of choice of asanas we make, and their possible alternatives.

The Iyengar yoga method, with the use of props, a non-dogmatic approach and roots in the yogic philosophy, is one of the most complete systems. During this course you will learn practical tools to maintain your practice and improve your health in the face of many situations p.e. exhaustion, fatigue, injuries and more.                                                                   

Come, learn, enjoy and practice!

Sunday the 15th of March     16:00 – 18:00                                                               
Sunday the 5th of April          16:00 – 18:00                                                                   
Sunday the 3th of May          16:00 – 18:00

We strongly encourage you to come to each and every meeting as this will give you a comprehensive understanding of the Iyengar yoga method.

Teaching is in English                                                                                                           
Price 250 Kronor per session
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