We offer yoga classes in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Our aim is to create an open and welcoming atmosphere for the interested student – regardless of your starting level(s).

We believe that yoga can help everyone to improve their quality of life – regardless of whether you are: ‘new-to-yoga’, are recovering from an injury, are an athlete looking to understand your body better.

At Satya yoga nørrebro, our schedule offers three different types of classes: classes ‘in reel life’, ‘live streaming classes’ and ‘video-on-demand’.
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Iyengar yoga classes in Copenhagen

Satya Yoga in Nørrebro is offering a safe, living and thorough teaching by certified Iyengar yoga teachers in Copenhagen, with many years of experience.

Satya yoga is us: Lone and Thomas – partners in life and in yoga. Each of us has completed three years of an Iyengar yoga teacher training and another three years of therapeutic yoga training. In addition, we each have over 15 years of experience teaching yoga.

All yoga classes taught by Lone are in Danish, all classes taught by Thomas are in English.

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To come for a trial class: check the schedule, send us a text, tel: 50272839 with your name and the class you would like to join. The trial class is 135.- kr. Mats and props are provided.